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We create coloring books for children using new technologies. Characters on them come to life and look the way the child colored them. We help parents educate and develop their children in the form of an interesting game.

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Step 1

Choose your favorite coloring pages on this site or in the Live Coloring app and print them on your printer. If you don’t have a printer nearby, just save the selected pages and print them out at any convenient location.

Step 2

Let your child paint the picture the way he/she likes: with pencils, crayons, markers or paint. Or color the picture together like a regular coloring book.

Step 3

Install free Live Coloring app, open it and point the camera at the colored picture. The application automatically detects the image and will animate it. The character will appear right in front of you and your child will be extremely excited.
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Just imagine the excitement of a child, when the picture they colored comes to life!
Each picture has its own story, and some of our characters can talk, sing, dance,
respond to the touch, you can play a game with some of them, and with others you
can learn and develop. With each new release it gets more exciting. Try to color and
animate them with your child!
Our coloring pages give wonderful emotions
Little artists get very excited when drawn characters come out of the page and do something unexpected and interesting. The latest technologies allow to view the characters from all angles, as if they really are in your house!
They help develop skills
Coloring helps develop fine motor skills, concentration and creativity. Even if the conventional coloring books no longer captivate your child, coloring with cartoons will certainly not let your child get bored and will help spend time productively, as it’s impossible to resist animating your creation :)
Brings kids and parents together
Live Coloring is a magic wand for parents and grandparents. You have a great magical power in your hands now. With it, you can not only animate characters, created by your children and grandchildren, but also entertain the whole family.

Do you want your child
to grow up to be a genius?

Childhood experiences are of great importance. During this period, your baby is forming his/her worldview foundation. Give your kid a valuable experience: when children animate drawings that they chose and designed on their own, they become an artist and director of their own little story. This reinforces the belief that the child is able to influence the world around him/her and not just be an observer in it.

Catalog of coloring pages

We regularly release new collections, and we pay special
attention to the developing properties of our coloring pages.
You can download them directly from here, or print them
out from the Live Coloring application
7 colorings
Christmas Magic
6 colorings
Christmas Magic
Kitty and Doggy
9 colorings
Kitty and Doggy
Sea friends
9 colorings
Sea friends
Monsters BoBo and BuBu
9 colorings
Monsters BoBo and BuBu
Mr. Croc and Leo
9 colorings
Mr. Croc and Leo
Ninja Friends
9 colorings
Ninja Friends
Princess's Day
9 colorings
Princess's Day
Steel Guards
9 colorings
Steel Guards
Dragon Harry
Dragon Harry

Coloring pages with cartoons solve a big problem

I am the father of two wonderful kids and the founder of Live Animations...
...my youngest son is two and a half years old. He helped create these magic coloring pages and tested each one of them.

Our coloring pages are not just entertainment. Watching how my eldest son spends his time, I saw how computer games absorb him. It was a big problem. Which is why our coloring pages do not immerse the child completely into the virtual world. They motivate him/her to dream and create something new with their own hands. Imagination develops, the child takes an active part in the creation of characters, they come to life and look exactly the way he/she imagined and colored them. It is his/her own creation!

Along with it comes an understanding that a smartphone is just a tool, but it’s him/her who’s the creator and the grand magician!

Andrey Timoshenko
Founder of Live Animations
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15 August 2016
Alisa Chernyaeva
I loved to draw as a child, but today's children prefer games. So, live coloring pages combine such a useful drawing exercise for fine motor skills and a very interesting effect of a live object for kids) And it’s so easy! All you have to do is point the camera of any device to the colored page and animate the drawing with the app) The result? Excited kid and a happy mom!
3 August 2016
Anya Vishnevaya
Awesome! I’m speechless! It works perfectly. I hope I can buy more such products in stores soon.
15 July 2016
Anastasia Brileva
All is well! Though it took a while to activate due to weak Internet connection, but then you realize that it was worth it!!! Yay, I am very happy and so is my son!
10 August 2016
Vitaly Klemenko
Excellent app for coloring! Thank you! My whole family loved the app, so I rushed to leave a good review. I want everyone to know about you.
31 July 2016
Roman Voznyakin
Very cool))) The application is very interesting, first I printed the crab, pointed the camera at it, everything worked) Got my whole family interested! Simply awesome!
7 July 2016
Vladislav Oberemok
So I decided to check how this works. I launched it and wow! a dragon came to life! And – all with music; technologies of the future! My respect to you, developers!

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